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5 Things You Need To Know About Lipofat

5 Things You Need To Know About Lipofat

Even if you’re eating right and working out consistently, your attempts to get in shape could not pay off for several reasons. Your body may be genetically prone to store more fat than average, or you may need to increase the intensity of your activities. Lipofat makes it easier to smooth away flabby areas of fat and tone sagging skin.

Many people consider liposuction and other invasive techniques to be their sole option for eliminating stubborn fat deposits. However, in the modern world filled with hectic schedules, you can’t always bank on it, as it usually results in a lengthy and painful recovery.

Fortunately, Lipofat is just one of several procedures available to deal with fat bumps without ever having to make an incision in the skin to remove fat. The number of these treatments is growing.

If you are interested in learning more about how Lipofat can help you solve your worries regarding fat lumps, here are five things you should know about it first.

1.) What Is Lipofat?

Body-contouring procedure Lipofat eliminates fat from the subcutaneous layer of the body. Because it does not involve surgery and is less invasive than liposuction, there are fewer risks and needs associated with this technique. The fat cells killed by the ultrasound waves were absorbed by the lymphatic system and eventually flushed out of the body.

In contrast to traditional body-contouring techniques, this method does not require incisions. Therefore, recovery time will be reduced. No substantial modifications are performed; consequently, the adverse effects are subdued. Although the benefits are subtler, they can significantly improve how your body functions and looks.

2.) Should You Consider Lipofat?

You must be within 15 pounds of your ideal weight for your height, in excellent physical shape, not a smoker, and have reasonable expectations to be a candidate for Lipofat treatment.

This treatment is not intended to help you lose weight, and that fact is crucial to keep in mind. If you weigh more than 15 pounds over what is considered healthy for your height, the treatment will not work at all for you. It won’t affect your body fat much if you’re outside that range, so it’s best to stay there. You need to be within the acceptable range for the procedure to have the desired effect of making you look thinner.

Lipofat will only help you lose stubborn fat deposits if you follow a healthy diet and exercise routine and set realistic goals for yourself. Lipofat treatment is meant to be used in addition to, rather than as a replacement for, a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

3.) How It Works

Lipofat liquefies fat cells using ultrasound for direction and ultrasonic waves for energy.

High-frequency sound waves are used to zero in on the trouble spots that are keeping the weight on. Ultrasonic waves can penetrate subcutaneous fat to reach its target inside the body. The lymphatic system will absorb the fat cells and subsequently be expelled from the body over many days.

Furthermore, it has been demonstrated by recent studies that exposure to ultrasonic waves can promote fat reduction by dissolving bodily fat cells. Both the research from 2007 and the research from 2019 have yielded positive findings. Each participant lost the total amount of body fat after three therapy sessions. According to the results of both investigations, the treated areas of body fat shrank by one to three centimeters after treatment.

But remember that their overall weight did not necessarily decrease while fat mass decreased.

4.) Lipofat Procedure

The provider will help you change into a disposable gown, take your measurements in the targeted area, and then have you relax on a stretcher in whatever posture is most convenient for you before beginning the Lipofat procedure. They will then focus on implementing a tailored, localized treatment plan. After that, they’ll prepare the treatment area by disinfecting it and applying conductive gel so that the powerfully focused ultrasound from the machine may be used efficiently.

The intense sound waves the machine releases kill the fat cells without causing pain, giving you a relaxing treatment. All in all, this process may take 45 minutes. After the treatment, the provider will wipe away any remaining gel before having you re-measure yourself while standing in the same position.

It is important to note that the results of this therapy will continue showing for at least two months after you finish it. You may experience an increase in toilet visits as your lymphatic system drains the dead fat cells, which is a sign that your body is responding to the treatment.

5.) Be Patient With The Results

After undergoing Lipofat, you should feel fine returning to your regular activities. You won’t suffer too much even if you get hurt or bruised. You’ll be instructed to hydrate well before, during, and after the treatment to aid your lymphatic system in flushing out the fatty tissue.

Know that it will take some time for the desired results to manifest. You could feel a bit bloated or swollen after your appointment. Losing weight after releasing fat cells from their membranes is a slow process.

Multiple sessions could be necessary for optimal results. In most cases, patients need six to twelve weeks of treatment with Lipofat before they notice any changes. It could take anywhere from one to three visits before you start to see results.

The positive effects of this therapy will remain for as long as you continue to eat well and exercise regularly. If you continue a sedentary lifestyle, the fat you’ve lost may return to regions that have already been addressed.


Get rid of stubborn fat deposits without suffering through unpleasant surgeries with extended downtime by undergoing the Lipofat procedure. If you’re interested in trying the treatment, you should find a qualified provider first. Because the higher quality they are, the better your Lipofat outcomes will be. Get in touch with us here at VIP Laser if you’re serious about receiving top-notch care from qualified professionals. In addition to our non-surgical therapies, we also provide various treatments to help you look your best.

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