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AirBrush Tanning

Airbrush Tanning – $50

Most effective way to get the golden glow without the sun damage.

Ready to have a tan like a Celebrity?

Get a spray tan! Yeah, we know…” but I live in Florida.” Only the absolute best tanning product for your skin: “Dolce Glow,” infused with organic ingredients, is meant to keep your skin healthy and hydrate your skin while giving you the most natural bronze glow. This look has been recognized on magazine covers, red carpet events, Forbes magazine. Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are just a few celebrities to use and endorse this product. Vegan and cruelty-free.

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Spray tanning allows people to achieve a bronzed glow all year round without the health risks associated with tanning beds. It’s an easy process. The skin is sprayed with a thin mist, and it turns a natural-looking shade of tan.
The process works because of a substance called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). It is actually colorless, but its effect on the skin cells is mediated by amino acids that occur naturally. They cause the skin cells to become darker as they come into contact.
Though the thought of spraying your skin with a chemical that causes your skin cells to turn brown may sound strange, DHA is completely safe. This substance is completely safe, and it’s been used for decades for cosmetic reasons.
Spray tans may last up to 10 days, but it depends on your skin. A spray tan may last around 5 days for lighter skin tones, 7-8 days for medium skin tones, and up to 10 days for darker skin tones. You’ll need to plan regular visits to your local spray tan salon if you want to keep your bronze glow. Still, having a tan during winter may well be worth it!
  • Deodorant, perfume, and makeup should not be worn. Remove it before your session.
  • You should not shave for 24 hours before your appointment.
  • To remove excess skin cells, shower and exfoliate.
  • Spend a few extra minutes exfoliating thick skin on your knees, elbows, and ankles.
  • Wear spray tanning goggles to protect your eyes

  • Protect sensitive areas by wearing underwear.
  • Protect your eyes and lips with lip balm.
  • Bring darker, loose-fitting clothing and open-toed shoes to wear home.

  • After your spray tan, don’t shower for 4-6 hours.
  • After you tan, wait at least four hours before exercising.
  • Use only shower gel and your hands when you shower.
  • To make your spray tan last longer, apply tan extenders after showering!

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