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Everything about laser tattoo removal treatment

May 28, 20245 min read

Every day at VIP Laser, I encounter stories that touch the core of what we do here, and one such recurring theme involves tattoo regret. Many clients come to us with the names of former partners inked on their skin—a constant reminder of a relationship that has since ended.  

Another common scenario at our medical spa involves clients seeking to correct permanent makeup that has gone wrong. I've seen thick, unnatural-looking brows and shapes that unintendedly alter facial expressions. Whether it's microblading or eyebrow tattoos that didn't turn out as expected, the impact on one's appearance and self-esteem can be significant.

Thankfully, advances in laser technology now allow these unwanted tattoos to be removed in just a few sessions, offering a new start and a clear canvas. In this article, I will explain more about the treatment and its benefits.

What is the process of the laser tattoo removal treatment?

At VIP Laser, we use cutting-edge laser technology for tattoo removal, which has significantly improved over the years. The process is simple yet effective. Lasers penetrate the skin to break up the tattoo pigment, which the body then naturally eliminates. 

The body's immune system is trained to defend and expel harmful agents like bacteria or external agents of any kind. When you get a tattoo, the artist injects ink into your skin, an external element your body will want to expel. However, in large quantities, it will be impossible for your body to do so unless it receives help, in this case, from a specialized laser.  

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Common questions about laser tattoo removal 

Now, if you decide to consult your laser tattoo removal expert and go for this kind of treatment, you will have some questions such as: 

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Clients interested in removing tattoos can expect a few sessions depending on the tattoo's size, location, color, and age. Each session is relatively quick and is performed with the utmost care by our trained professionals. 

Depending on the area and your pain tolerance, it can be slightly uncomfortable. If you are concerned about this, we also offer numbing options to ensure that the experience is as comfortable as possible.

How do you prepare your tattooed skin before the treatment? 

Some people are unaware of the importance of relying on prepared specialists who can guide them to properly take care of their tattooed skin before removing it or before any other laser treatment, which is crucial to obtaining the best result. 

For example, as a specialist in laser treatments, I've encountered patients who want to undergo laser hair removal miami over a tattoo. However, it's important to emphasize that laser hair removal should never be done over tattooed areas. Therefore, it is essential to consult with professionals before undergoing any laser treatment on your skin.

In the case of laser tattoo removal, some of the preparation you need to do before the procedure includes the following tips:

  • Avoid sun exposure

  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco before the treatment

  • Stay hydrated and eat well

  • Clean the area of moisturizers, makeup, or any product before the session 

Treatment aftercare

Once the session has ended, your skin may be sore from the procedure. Proper care of the area is important to promote healing and minimize the risk of complications.  

This may include covering the treated area with a sterile bandage to prevent friction for a few days, avoiding direct sunlight exposure once you remove the bandage, using sunblock if you have to go outside, applying a specific kind of ointment or moisturizer over the surface of the tattoo, and not scratching or picking your skin to prevent any risk of infection.   

The amount of sunblock, moisturizer, and frequency of bandage changes or any additional aftercare tips may vary depending on your practitioner's recommendations.    

Can anyone get a tattoo removal treatment?

This method is safe for all skin types and is particularly effective in removing darker ink colors, which absorb more laser energy.

However, individuals with certain medical or skin conditions may not be suitable candidates for laser tattoo removal. It's important to discuss any health concerns with a qualified doctor before any treatment.

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Benefits of undergoing a laser tattoo removal procedure  

It’s always a joy to help clients and see the benefits of erasing unwanted ink in their confidence and other important aspects of their lives.

1.- Empowering change

Choosing to remove a tattoo is a powerful decision that may help you reclaim your skin and, in many ways, your identity. Whether erasing a name from a past relationship or correcting a permanent makeup mishap, laser tattoo removal at VIP Laser is here to provide a new beginning.

2.- Prepping your skin for new treatments

Laser tattoo removal is not just about erasing ink; it's about correcting past beauty decisions. This ensures the new artwork is applied to a clean slate, allowing optimal results.

For those with regrettable eyebrow tattoos, removing the old ink with laser treatment before opting for a new microblading or permanent makeup session is highly recommended. This ensures that the new artwork is applied to a clean slate, allowing for optimal results.

If you're considering laser tattoo removal or if you're unhappy with your permanent makeup, I invite you to schedule a consultation at VIP Laser. Let us help you turn those regrets into a thing of the past, offering you a fresh start and a chance to make new choices.

Pierina Montano, your dedicated expert at VIP Laser, helping you correct the past and embrace your future.

Pierina Montano

Specialist in laser hair removal in Miami

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