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Can A Facial Transfer Be Performed Under Local Anesthesia

Can A Facial Transfer Be Performed Under Local Anesthesia

Our bodies change when we experience the effects of aging. The skin no longer produces the essential proteins it needs to maintain it, so the skin thins, and specific signs of aging start to pop up. Fortunately, the facial transfer under local anesthesia might be just the right thing for you to reverse the effects of aging.

Many believe that wrinkles and fine lines are the main signs of aging. However, volume loss is the most prevalent sign of aging. It’s very pronounced, and any existing skincare product can’t remove it. If you want to restore volume on your skin, you need to find a method to put the volume back artificially.

Facial volume loss can cause changes in your facial contour. It can make you look older, tired, and even sick. But now, thanks to modern cosmetic treatments, we can effectively restore the lost volume on your facial features by using a method called facial transfer, also known as facial fat transfer or facial fat grafting.

What Is Facial Transfer?

Facial fat transfer is a surgical procedure that involves transferring fat from one part of the body to another. It is usually done to improve specific facial features, such as enhancing the cheeks, lips, and eyes.

Facial fat transfer has become more prevalent in recent years due to its aesthetic benefits. It is also an effective treatment for patients who need a fuller face and lips.

The procedure can be performed on the face, neck, hands, or arms. It is most commonly used to rejuvenate aging faces. The technique has been used for decades but has only recently become more popular due to advancements in Technology.

What To Expect For The Procedure

The procedure is not considered an invasive process, but there are several things you have to do before you can experience it.

First, you have to be healthy and have realistic expectations for the upcoming treatment. You can expect some minor enhancements on your skin, not too much, just enough to achieve a natural-looking aesthetic appearance.

Next, you have to have enough fat to be harvested. Likewise, your weight should be consistent for the procedure, not gaining or losing too much. The treatment is low-risk, and it’s easy to get one, just be sure to come in having these two requirements.

Before The Procedure

Before starting the procedure, you’ll have to first meet with a plastic surgeon. You will need to discuss with them what your goals are, what areas you want to treat, and what your concerns are. Also, your surgeon will discuss in detail what you can realistically expect, what happens during the treatment, and all the aftercare efforts you’ll have to make.

You may have to discuss with your surgeon also your medical history. There might be complications in your body that may cause some difficulties during the treatment. Better safe than sorry.

After all the details have been sorted out, your surgeon will set a date for the facial fat transfer appointment.

During The Procedure

During the appointment, your provider will start doing the procedure by cleaning the treated area and the harvested (where we get the fat) sites. They will then begin to apply local anesthesia in these areas. Undergoing this type of anesthesia means you won’t have trouble driving yourself home once the treatment is done.

However, suppose your surgeon will have to work with large quantities of fat. In that case, they may recommend general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation, ensuring that you are comfortable throughout the treatment. If you receive general anesthesia or sedation, you won’t be able to drive yourself 24 hours after the treatment, so you’ll need assistance from a family member or friend.

Your surgeon can finally extract the fat with a syringe or cannula. The extracted fat is filled with other components such as blood, oil, and fibrous tissue, so it must be purified. Once purified, the fat is then transferred into the facial features to restore volume.

beautiful Technology

Here in our clinic, we use Beautiful Technology to do our facial fat transfer procedure, which is similar to traditional facial fat transfer but somewhat different.

Downsides Of Traditional Facial Transfer

Traditional facial transfer requires patients to undergo liposuction. Liposuction did have its benefits, but it had downsides, mainly that most of the fat extracted has been damaged during the purification process. So the fat applied to your facial features isn’t as effective.

How beautiful Fixes The Downsides

On the other hand, beautiful removes these downsides and introduces new upsides. BeautyFill uses laser technology at the tip of the suction device, allowing for more efficient fat extraction by gently breaking down the fat cells. The laser technology also uses the same thermal energy to tighten the skin to avoid looking loose once the fat is removed.

Likewise, the purification process is also enhanced, significantly increasing the survival of fat tissue and the viability of these fat cells on your facial features. This will enhance the effects of facial fat transfer, producing dramatic, natural-looking facial features.

Benefits of Beautiful Technology

As Technology evolves, the process becomes more efficient and more streamlined for the masses to use without breaking their wallets.

The benefits of the new beautiful Technology over the traditional methods include:

  • Increased Fat Cells Viability
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Minimal Post-Procedure Pain
  • Safe And Effective For Most Patients
  • Enhanced Facial Features
  • Longer-Lasting Results

How Long Do Results Last?

The results of facial transfer will last a long time, even permanent for some patients. It takes around six months for the healthy fact cells to establish a new blood supply and become a part of the existing area. The fat will then grow, giving you facial volume.

Will The Procedure Be Done Under Local Anesthesia?

Yes, so you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. You will still need local anesthesia even with beautiful Technology, but you won’t need general anesthesia or sedation. You can drive yourself home after the procedure.


Facial transfer done under local anesthesia will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process. So if you are interested in the treatment, contact and reach out to our clinic, VIP LASER. We offer services that ensure our patient achieve their cosmetic goals.

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