Why collagen is important | collagen powder

Why Collagen Is Important By Vip Laser In Miami, FL

By the age of 25 you begin to truly age. You begin to slowly lose volume on your face and wrinkles begin to form, but what if there is a way to prevent this from occurring? Luckily, there are many ways to prevent signs of aging, and today we will talk about one in particular, […]

Can Collagen Really Improve Your Skin?

Can Collagen Really Improve Your Skin By Vip Laser In Miami, FL

Does collagen actually improve your skin, or is it just a myth? The fact of the matter is that collagen is the main protein in your body that keeps your skin youthful and rejuvenated.   Collagen, along with elastin, are proteins that keep your skin, hair, muscles, and bones strong. The more collagen you have, […]