Fat Buster

Fat Buster

Fat Buster

Fat buster – $ 30 buy 4 and get the 5th one free

“Special Lipotropic fat-burning combination to help reduce appetite, build muscle and turn fat into energy, plus are powerful antioxidants”.

Pyridoxine – helps with the utilization of energy from the foods you eat.

Methionine – essential amino acid that improves the tone and elasticity of the skin, promotes healthy hair and strengthens the nails, facilitates the breakdown of fats, lowers cholesterol, prevents excess fat buildup in the liver.

Inositol – an amino acid that influences both the body’s insulin response and several hormones associated with mood and metabolism.

Choline – cuts muscle recovery time and helps convert fat to energy. It helps in assisting in weight loss and metabolism when combined with healthy eating and exercising.

L-Carnitine – an amino acid that transports fatty acids into your cells to be processed for energy.

Thiamine – helps convert fats and carbs into energy.

Riboflavin – Helps the body convert food into fuel for energy. Also helps the body metabolize fats and proteins.


Dysport and Botox appointments last 15 minutes, but the actual treatments last only 5-10 minutes! Both time and money are extremely valuable to all of us, so we excel at being quick and efficient at the same time.
Our Botox or Dysport treatments only cost $10 per unit. The number of units will vary, depending on the area being treated. At The Beauty Lounge, we respect our clients’ budgets and won’t administer more Botox or Dysport than is needed.
Dysport and Botox last three to four months on average. The body easily absorbs both Dysport and Botox. Several factors can shorten metabolism time, including absorption, some medications, and even exercise. We often see our clients for touch-ups to keep them looking fresh and youthful. Our aestheticians work around your schedule so that you don’t miss your follow-up appointments.
We have the best injectors to make Botox and Dysport injections as quick and painless as possible, so no need to worry about pain!
Results are typically visible between 24-48 hours after the injections.
Bruising may occur, so plan two weeks ahead of any major events. Like any other injection, you may have some localized pain at the injection site, such as swelling, tenderness, or redness.

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