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How is it that technologies like radiofrequency are used for facial rejuvenation and fat loss? How do they not remove the fat from the face if they remove belly fat?

In the last two decades, there has been a widespread uptick in interest in health and, with it, a renewed focus on the importance of maintaining a healthy body fat percentage. Non-invasive body contouring systems have seen rapid development and market introduction in response to the rising prevalence of both systemic and localized fat deposits.


Only about one in ten patients with localized lipodystrophy get surgery to reduce their fat, even though liposuction provides noticeable, long-lasting results. Unsurprisingly, non-invasive treatments, which cause patients less discomfort and risk, have gained popularity. The technology in non-invasive fat reduction procedures has improved dramatically in recent years. For a good reason: many of them have little to no downtime. In addition, some of today’s most popular technologies can eliminate fat cells, including techniques such as radiofrequency engineering.


How Radiofrequency Works

When it comes to skin rejuvenation, many opt for radiofrequency because it doesn’t involve needles or downtime. Non-ablative treatments enhance the skin’s appearance by damaging the dermis without affecting the epidermis. More specifically, they cause a mild thermal injury to the dermis and blood vessels, which triggers a wound repair response and boosts collagen production.


This means that the treatment does minimal harm to the skin by warming its deeper layers, which then causes the body to attempt to ‘heal’ itself. When a substance breaks down because of heat, the process is called thermolysis.


Although radiofrequency energy has a long history of application in other medical fields, its use as a skin tightening treatment is relatively new. Radiofrequency energy is not only helpful in tightening the skin on the face and stomach.


The dermis can be gently warmed to a temperature of 65 to 75 degrees Celsius during radiofrequency treatments without damaging the outer layer of the skin. At this temperature, dermal collagen undergoes a change in its natural properties that promotes the production of new collagen and the remodeling of existing collagen, resulting in skin tightening.


How Radiofrequency Affects The Fat Tissues

Fat tissue has a higher electrical resistance than the dermis so it may be heated more efficiently. It is estimated that the rate at which fat heats up when subjected to radiofrequency heating is seven times that of the dermis. According to Ohm’s law, tissue’s resistance to the flow of electrons within a radiofrequency field results in heat proportional to the amount of current and time. Heat can easily harm or wound even the most robust skin structures.


Fat cells undergo a process of programmed cell death known as apoptosis, after which their contents are ingested by macrophages, transported to the lymph nodes, and metabolized by the liver.


As energy is transmitted through radiofrequency, fat cells are destroyed. Heat and vibrations cause fat cells to malfunction, facilitating their elimination. Although this technology helps reduce fat anywhere on the body, it is most effective for areas where fat has refused to budge despite regular exercise and dieting.


How Effective Is Radiofrequency In Combating Fat?

Subcutaneous fat reduction using radiofrequency was generally well-received by its recipients (71-97 percent happy). Although radiofrequency has shown some promise in treating skin laxity and cellulite, the number of cases showing statistical significance is small, and the treatment options are limited.


In particular, radiofrequency can safely and effectively reduce subcutaneous fat in the abdominal area and the thighs, improving the skin’s appearance. The modality’s low time commitment and low risk make it a good choice.


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