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Lipo Fat: Body-Contouring Plastic Procedure To Fight Fat And Loose Skin

Lipo Fat: Body-Contouring Plastic Procedure To Fight Fat And Loose Skin

There are a few distinct explanations for why your efforts to get in shape may not be delivering the desired results, even if you have a healthy diet and an exercise routine that you follow regularly. You may need to increase the intensity of your workouts, or your body is genetically predisposed to store more fat than others. However, thanks to Lipo Fat, getting rid of fat lumps and tightening your skin shouldn’t be as tricky as it once was.

People believe that the only way to get rid of fat lumps is by undergoing invasive procedures such as liposuction. But in today’s world, you can’t always count on that being the situation since it can often lead to a long and painful recovery. 

The good thing is that Lipo Fat is just one of the many treatments currently available to address your fat lumps without ever requiring an incision to be made in your skin to remove fat, and the number of these treatments continues to grow.

If you would like to do so, this article is for you if you are interested in learning more about how Lipo Fat can assist you in addressing your concerns regarding fat lumps.

What Is Lipo Fat?

Body contouring treatment Lipo Fat removes fat from the body’s subcutaneous layer. This procedure does not require surgery and is less invasive than liposuction, which means it has fewer risks and requirements. The treatment destroys fat cells through ultrasound waves, which are then taken up by the lymphatic system and expelled from the body.

Unlike ultrasound liposuction, the treatment does not necessitate incisions, unlike other procedures that use ultrasound technology. As a result, the process of healing will be sped up. On the other hand, its effects are not nearly as pronounced because it does not involve any bodily alteration. Even though the results aren’t as noticeable, they are more than capable of improving the way your body looks and feels.

Who’s The Ideal Candidate?

To be eligible to consider Lipo Fat treatment, you need to be in excellent physical condition, not a smoker, have reasonable expectations, and be within 15 pounds of the average weight for your height.

It is paramount to remember that this treatment is not a treatment for weight loss. The treatment will be completely ineffective for you if your weight is more than 15 pounds above what is deemed healthy for your height. If you aren’t within the range, the fat in your body will barely be affected, rendering the treatment useless. The treatment is meant to help you shape your body to appear slimmer, and if you aren’t within the range, it won’t work.

You will not be able to use Lipo Fat effectively to get rid of fat lumps unless you have reasonable expectations, an excellent diet plan, a weight loss program that you are following, and you are exercising regularly. Lipo Fat treatment supplements your diet and exercise, not acting as a replacement.

How Does The Treatment Work?

Lipo Fat is a procedure that liquefies fat cells using ultrasound guidance and ultrasonic wave energy applications. 

During this procedure, high-frequency sound waves are utilized to precisely target problem areas responsible for preserving and piling on stubborn fat. Ultrasonic waves can travel through fatty tissue and enter the body when directed toward a specific location. It takes a few days for your lymphatic system to absorb the fat cells from your body and then expel them from your system.

Moreover, recent studies have proven that exposure to ultrasound waves can facilitate fat loss by destroying fat cells in the body. The research conducted in 2007 and the one shown in 2019 have produced encouraging results. After three sessions of treatment, the total amount of body fat that each participant had lost. After treatment, the treated areas of the body’s fat decreased by one to three centimeters, according to the findings of both studies.

Note, however, that while these plants experienced a reduction in fat mass, they did not necessarily share a weight reduction.

What Happens During The LipoFat Procedure?

It is a relatively simple process. Depending on the area of your body being treated, your provider may ask you to remove your clothes and put on a paper gown when you arrive for your appointment.

Next, your provider will use alcohol to disinfect the treatment area. Your entire body will be inspected one section at a time using a portable ultrasound device. It is possible to encounter a tingling sensation during the procedure and hear a buzzing sound, similar to standard ultrasound equipment. The length of a session can range anywhere from forty to sixty minutes on average.

Don’t Expect Results Right Away

Once you’ve had Lipo Fat, you should be able to return to your daily routine without problems. Pain and bruises are usually not severe. You’ll be told to drink plenty of water before, during, and after the procedure to help your lymphatic system eliminate the fat cells.

Keep in mind that effects will take time to appear. After your appointment, you may notice that your body is puffy or swollen. It takes time for your body to degrade and eliminate fat cells that have been loosened.

You may require more than one treatment to see results. For most patients, six to twelve weeks of treatment is the norm before they start seeing the results of Lipo Fat. Expect that it may take one to three appointments before you notice any visible effects. 

A healthy diet and regular exercise will keep the benefits of this treatment lasting for as long as you maintain them. Fat may return to previously treated areas if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.


Through the Lipo Fat procedure, you can say goodbye to fat lumps without ever needing to go through painful procedures with long recovery times. But before you try the treatment, you might want to look for an experienced provider first. Since the better they are, the better results you can expect from the Lipo Fat procedure. So if you are interested in experiencing the best treatment from the best experts, contact and reach out to our clinic, VIP Laser. We also offer other non-invasive treatment services to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. 


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