pH Micro Peel Pads


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10-Minute Peel

Micro peel with 10% glycolic acid at low pH (3.5), hydrating peptides, and botanical extracts. Smooths, firms, helps clear acne, and improves pore appearance.


  • Gently removes dead cell build-up on the surface to improve luminosity and even tone
  • Lessens the appearance of fine lines with continues use
  • Can be used as a wash-off or leave-on product
  • Great for Body Treatment
  • Helps clear acne breakouts by preventing new and dissolving existing dead cell plugs in pores
  • Vegan-Friendly Formula

Featured Ingredients

10% Pure Glycolic Acid: Penetrates pores, minimizing the skin cell build-up that causes acne lesions. Exfoliates the outer dead cell layer to reveal healthier, fresher skin. Studies show that this form of pure medical-grade glycolic acid is up to 60% better at increasing skin cell renewal.

Algae Firming Peptides: Derived from Hawaiian Red Sea Extract, this hydrating, purifying ingredient also boosts collagen production.

Mate, Kola, and Guarana Extracts: These botanicals calm skin inflammation, acne breakouts, mature and hormonally disturbed skin.