Sweat-Less Botox Treatment


Sweat-Less Botox Treatment

Sweat-Less Botox – $500

What Is The Sweat-less Botox Treatment?

Never let ’em see you sweat! Stop embarrassing sweating! If you suffer from excessive sweating, it’s Botox injections to the rescue! The Beauty Lounge uses Botox injections to treat excessive sweating underarms (hyperhidrosis). This medication is injected in the armpit area, where it blocks receptors for a chemical called acetylcholine, which signals sweat glands to produce perspiration. Botox is injected in several underarm areas and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Most people report a significant decrease in sweating following the treatment. The results usually last for six months, although results may vary. It may be necessary to get additional treatments to maintain the results. Sweat-Less Botox Treatments usually require 50-60 units of Botox.



Our Sweat-Less Treatment cost is about $500- $600, based on $10 per unit. On average, most people use between 50-60 units of Botox for this treatment, but it may vary based on the individual.

Your body will naturally metabolize the Sweat-Less Botox Treatment, so the length of its effects will mostly depend on how quickly your body breaks down its components. The Sweat-Less Botox Treatment generally lasts for six months on average.

A Sweat-Less Botox Treatment usually takes only about 15 minutes on average.

Afraid of pain? Relax! Botox is injected with tiny needles and is very quick! Patients generally experience little to no discomfort at all!

We recommend avoiding blood-thinning medications and Ibuprofen for three days before your injections to minimize your chances of bruising. Those who tend to get cold sores may wish to start a course of treatment.

Not at all! Those with a tendency to bruise should stay hydrated, avoid Ibuprofen before your appointment, and take Arnica Montana.

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